A Day in the Life

Please note: this is only an example timetable and itinerary. It is intended to give you an idea of a typical summer. Every camp is different.

A Typical ISEC Day

07:30 Team Meeting. Preparing our hearts for the day ahead.
08:00 Breakfast at the school
09:00 Teaching 3 different classes
12:30 Lunch back in the cafeteria
13:30 20 min team meeting about afternoon activities
14:00 Tutorials (1-to-1 conversation practice with kids)
15:00 Afternoon activities
17:00 Rest while the children shower
18:00 Dinner in the canteen of school
19:00 Team meeting: planning for tomorrow, sharing, encouraging, re-focusing
20:30 Free time to spend together or plan lessons
22:00 Bed time

A Typical ISEC Summer

Week 1 Orientation in China. Met and got to know other ISECers, learnt about how to teach English, and shared lesson plan ideas. Wisdom and encouragement for the summer ahead.
Week 2 Hopped on a high-speed train to south China. Taught at a 7-day camp with teenagers in partnership with a local school. Gave classes in the mornings, and played games with the kids (including water balloon fights!) in the afternoons.
Week 3 Took the train to Beijing for another camp, this one bigger and ended with a talent show put on by the teachers for the kids! Most of the kids were between 5 and 10 years old, and they tired us out with their energy!
Week 4 Our final camp! This one was a much smaller camp. We got to include more about character development and relationship building than any of the other camps.
Week 5 Debrief. Great to meet up with the whole team again to share stories and discuss how we can apply what we have learned in our daily lives back home.