Applications are closed for 2020!

Application Process

Our application process is rolling. After you apply, we will get back to you in a couple weeks with an informal interview where we can get to know you and what motivates you to join ISEC this year. This interview will be contucted online, where you can chat with a couple of our ISEC alumni. From there, we will let you know about next steps!


  • Vibrant faith and love
  • Enthusiasm for working with kids
  • Interest or experience in teaching English
  • Desire to experience a new culture
  • Leadership skills
  • Adaptability
  • A sense of humour
  • A good, strong stomach (or two)

Approximate Costs

  • $1000-$1300 Flights
  • $100 Visa
  • $200 Cash to bring in RMB

Estimated Total Cost: $1500. Everything else (food, housing, China-specific travel) is covered.

current timeline


"In a country where I didn't speak the language; was not used to the food or cultures, I was forced to trust and rely on Him while I pursued Him to move in the children I reached out to and the team."


"One of kids I loved the most was this tan little guy who lived with this uncle. I got to talking to him one day when I was just playing basketball. He told me his aunt and uncle wanted to send him into the military. I later learned that he was one of those kids whose mom was dead and whose dad was in prison [...] I later learned he accepted Him a week after the camp. Despite his situation, he was one of the most joyful kids I knew"


"Although everyone who participates in ISEC comes from different walks of life and has different experiences, I think that we can all agree what a life changing and transformative experience ISEC is. It is a unique opportunity [...] for Him to challenge you to wholly trust in Him and walk with Him daily, to just witness the great work He is doing in China, and in turn how deep His love is for the Chinese people."